Is Portugal The Best Country for Living in Europe?

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Is moving to Portugal the best choice to make when thinking about moving abroad to Europe? Europe may be small, but within a very small area you can find a wide variety of languages, cultures an people. So you may want to look at what each country provides and what life for expats is like in that country. Regardless of what reasons you may want to migrate, whether or not it's to retire abroad in Portugal, work abroad as a digital nomad in Portugal or any other motivating factor to live abroad, it's important to check things out and do your ‘homework’. One thing that many people look for is places that are good for English speaking expats. In this expat living abroad podcast episode of Not Your Average Globetrotter, we’ll talk about moving to Portugal from the USA, as well as other non-EU nations and the advantages that Portugal has over other countries when it comes to various factors including the cost of living and quality of life in Portugal and if Portugal is the best country to live in Europe.

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00:00 - Is Portugal the place to be?
00:57 - You’re never too far from the beach.
01:54 - Getting sick doesn’t break the bank.
03:07 - A reasonable barrier to entry…
04:35 - Sponsor
05:28 - The path to citizenship, and a gateway to Europe.
06:27 - Shorter flights back to North America
07:26 - Great jump off point for cheap flights around Europe.
08:02 - Social integration…
09:00 - Portuguese history is rich
10:12 - Back on track, Portugal is easier to transition into for English speakers than other countries.
13:38 - Portugal, not just great for international travel, but also domestic travel.
15:39 - Rounding out the episode….

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