OMSI 2 – Volvo 7700 Facelift (V.1.1 fix)

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Title: OMSI 2 The Bus Simulator
Developer: M-R-Software

The Volvo 7000A, which has been in production since 1998, and the solo Volvo 7000 were renamed the Volvo 7700A in 2003, as well as the 7700, to better fit the rest of Volvo,
Introduced in 2001 for its bus, such as the Volvo 8700 and Volvo 9700.
Apart from renaming the models, there has been no change this year.
In 2006, both the articulated and solo versions underwent modernization.
The previously used Volvo B7LA chassis has been replaced with the new Volvo B9LA chassis. In addition to the chassis, the front and rear walls have also been changed:
at the front of the bus, the “grille” and lampholders were changed, the rear lights of the bus were replaced by a round lamp, and a “putton” was also given due to the higher cooling requirements of the Euro V engine.
In 2009, the Hungarian Alfa Busz Kft. Manufactured 100 buses similar to the Volvo 7700 in Debrecen under the name Alfa Cívis 12.
In addition to these buses, it manufactured 40 articulated buses in Volvo Wroclaw, which were marketed in Debrecen under the Volvo B9LA-Alfa Cívis 18 instead of the 7700A type designation.
Its successor, the Volvo 7900A, was unveiled at Busworld in 2011, but the Volvo 7700A remained in production until 2012.

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