Portugal’s Golden Visa: Cheap Residency for Real Estate Investors?

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The Portugal golden visa almost sounds too good to be true. For only a few thousand dollars, you can buy cash-flowing and appreciating rental properties abroad, and in return, countries like Portugal will give you residency. And, because this is European residency, you’ll be permitted to travel within the twenty-six connected European countries’ borders. But, not only that—free healthcare and education make the move even more lucrative.

Kathy Fettke, multi-decade investing expert, took a field trip to Portugal for this week’s video. She just couldn’t keep herself away from California climates, and the Atlantic coast of Portugal fits that bill exactly. She talks to representatives at multiple hotel chains throughout Portugal offering a “room investment” that may only set you back a few hundred grand but will allow you to secure a golden visa.

If you’ve never thought of investing abroad before, this may be the perfect time to start. With a shaky US housing market and USD to Euro parity, this may be an opportunity of a lifetime to buy a little slice of paradise while reaping some massive real estate investing rewards to boot!

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01:01 Investment Property in Portugal
02:26 Get Residency with a Single Hotel Room
05:12 Benefits Behind The Golden Passport
07:42 Why Not Invest Abroad!

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